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Have you lived a life of linear career paths? Are you feeling lost or unfulfilled in your job? Have you got a burning desire to make a difference through your work?

Startmate’s Women Fellowship is a pathway for talented women to find their sweet spot in a rocket-ship startup.

Who is right for the Startmate Women Fellowship?

Whether you’re a corporate refugee, work in an agency, come from a hospitality background, are a mother returning to the workforce or don’t quite fit the mould, we want to unleash your potential and help you find your dream job in a startup.

Our Fellows come from all backgrounds, experiences and walks of life. However, they are all:

  • Passionate and curious about startups and a career in the startup world;
  • Hungry, tenacious and willing to create their own opportunities;
  • Fast-moving individuals who ask for forgiveness not permission, and thrive in chaos and uncertainty;
  • Problem-solvers who love finding creative solutions; and
  • Team players looking to make authentic connections and join a community for life.

We place intersectionality at the forefront of our programs, irrespective of age, race, disability, cultural background, gender or sexuality. Women, non-binary people and those with lived experience of misogyny are invited to apply for the Womens Fellowship.

What is the Fellowship experience like?

The Fellowship is a journey of self-discovery.

It involves 'Ask Me Anything’ sessions with leading startup founders, investors and operators, 1:1 support and guidance from your Fellowship coach, and skill-building functional events and workshops.

You’ll also be paired up with a Fellowship buddy who will have your back and help you move through the program with confidence, and be able to meet new friends and mentors through our Fellowship Alumni Network.

Fellows can also undertake optional internships with some of ANZ’s most ambitious startups. Our Fellows have interned with the likes of Eucalyptus, Forage, Brighte and many more.

You’ll also gain access to Startmate’s Operator Network Slack group, so you’ll be the first to know when startups are hiring.


And the journey doesn't end after 9 weeks. Our Fellows join Startmate’s community of operators, founders and investors for life.

While we can’t guarantee you a job, the Fellowship is designed to add jet fuel to your job search by opening the door to your dream company.

We’ll help you build a growth mindset, tackle any imposter syndrome, discover your hidden superpowers and articulate your value in a new industry.

Where are our alumni now?

  • From Consultant at Boston Consulting Group to Head of Strategy and Partnerships at Sempo.
  • From speech pathologist to Junior Full Stack Developer a HotDoc.
  • From medical doctor to Data and Partnerships Manager at Prospection.
  • From corporate lawyer to Global Head of Social Impact at Forage.
  • From Business Analyst at McKinsey to General Manager of Brand 4 at Eucalyptus.
  • From McKinsey to Founder at Kin Fertility.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our Fellows have to say about the Fellowship here

Who else is involved?

Our Women Fellowship is supported by a group of talented and experienced Coaches, who support the Fellows through a journey of career development.

It is the job of a Coach to help a Fellow translate their skills, better tell their story, make and leverage introductions, as well as to provide support through job applications and offer wisdom and support from having been on their own career journey.

Meet a few of our current Coaches:

  • Anna Prell, Chief of Staff at InsideSherpa
  • Anna Turvoll, Head of Investor Relations at v2food
  • Assem Ongarbayeva, Chief Strategy Officer at UPowr and Amber
  • Jackie Vullinghs, Principal at Airtree Ventures
  • Julian Dell, Chief Technology Officer at Brighte
  • Hannah Field, Investor at Tempus Partners
  • Sophie Taylor, Chief of Staff at Blackbird Ventures
  • Zak Islam, Head of Engineering at Atlassian

What else do I need to know?


The program runs virtually twice a year: in Autumn (March-May) and Spring (Sep-Nov).


Each cohort is made up of about 100 supportive and inspiring women.


The Fellowship has a $2,000 + GST fee. This will only be charged on acceptance to the program. The fee can be paid upfront upon acceptance or via installment Startmate offers scholarship placements for those that find the cost of the program prohibitive.

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